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Fifty years in direct sales…with stories to tell!A salesman who has survived and thrived in the up-and-down world of direct sales isn’t only a marvelous student of human nature…he has some great stories to tell! If you had time for a cup of coffee with Larry Dickman, he would have you laughing one moment, and deeply moved the next. This is a man who has worked his way into the highest ranks of his field through cheerful determination and desire—strengthened by a steady faith in God and seasoned with a gentle sense of humor. If you don’t have time for a coffee break with Larry, then by all means…pick up this insightful and entertaining little book. You won’t regret it!
and how he came to have 50 years in Sales. It has humor, passion and just an overall good book to read in one sitting.

A Salesman "Reflections of My Life's Story"

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