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"A Salesman" Reflection On My Life Story written by Larry Dickman

55 Years in Sales and Stories to Tell

Fifty-five years in direct sales…with stories to tell!A salesman who has survived and thrived in the up-and-down world of direct sales for over fifty years isn’t only a marvelous student of human nature…he has some great stories to tell! If you had time for a cup of coffee with Larry Dickman, he would have you laughing one moment, and deeply moved the next. This is a man who has worked his way into the highest ranks of his field through cheerful determination and desire—strengthened by a steady faith in God and seasoned with a gentle sense of humor. If you don’t have time for a coffee break with Larry, then by all means…pick up this insightful and entertaining little book. You won’t regret it!


50 Years
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