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Psalm 119:105

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.


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Watch my short video about my book, A Salesman!, to learn more.

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In my book you will catch a glimpse or two of history, encounter some scenes that seem funny now (but wasn’t then), hear a little about some colorful characters and customers I’ve met through the years, and dip into the life story of a boy born in the middle of the Depression who had to learn too many lessons the hard way.

It isn’t a very long book. In fact, you can easily breeze through it in one sitting. But if you take the time to read it you’ll hear about two encounters with angels, and how I found my way into life as a part-time pastor and evangelist and full-time direct sales representative for a marvelous company.

I’m simply grateful for the opportunity to tell a little of my story.
Opportunities in life don't show up every day, but when they do, when the door swings open, you have to get up on your feet and walk right into them.

Thanks, my friend, for stepping through this door with me. 



There are a few special people in the world who have lifted themselves up from a modest beginning to a special rewarding life that is based on faith, integrity, and happiness.  This book is the continued sharing of the lessons and wisdom from one of those special people who has in fact, “Changed Lives”.   


“With over 50 years in Saladmaster experience, Larry Dickman has been a magnificent life changer for the company—and for sure he will continue to change more lives. He has not only impacted people around him in his dealership, but around the global world of Saladmaster.”

This is a fast-paced read filled with real life stories that will encourage and inspire every reader, regardless of where you are in life’s journey. Most importantly, you will soon realize that God’s love will sustain you because, no matter your beliefs, God does have you in His hand.

President - Saladmaster

Vice President, Global Filipino Market

—C. RICHARD WEYLMAN, Author of the bestseller: The Power of Why: Breaking Out in a Competitive Marketplace



Larry Dickman 50 years in sales

After a stint in the Navy, Larry Dickman began his direct sales career in the 1950s.  He became a Saladmaster Cookware dealer in 1965—and a part-time pastor. Married with three sons, Larry remains active in Saladmaster as a trainer and motivational speaker, and leads a Diamond Elite Dealership with offices in Hawaii and Washington.



Larry Dickman - 50 Years Successful as Saladmaster Master Dealer

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