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Larry Dickman

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"Thank God It's Monday"

Psalm 119:105

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet,
and a light unto my path.

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MONDAY = A God-Given Opportunity to Begin Again.

The message is worth keeping top of mind as every single Monday gives us a chance for new opportunities. But strangely, everyone celebrates the end of the workweek by exclaiming, "TGIF!"

Larry Dickman, a salesman, a former part-time pastor, and motivational speaker turns that logic on its head with this homage to taking pride in work. He highlights how every Monday gives each of us one more opportunity to do better and be better. Learn how to:

  • overcome last week's mistakes;

  • appreciate life's blessings;

  • decide what you want out of life;

  • leave a lasting legacy.

Throughout the book, Dickman looks to the lives of legends from all walks of life, such as Martin Luther King Jr., Lou Holtz, Elvis Presley, and Gen. Douglas MacArthur to highlight important lessons. He also shares wisdom from some lesser-known individuals, such as Saladmaster dealer Mark Benson, Saladmaster salesman Chris Nathatis, and other business professionals. 

Join the author as he shares lessons from a lifetime of always walking into Mondays with a smile.

This book is dedicated to all salespeople, but especially to the direct salespeople who are out on the streets searching for prospects (which we fondly call "prospecting"). Without salesmen and saleswomen this world would be without—and I do mean without—the very foundation of our economy. From the farmer to the grocery store, to the auto industry to the stock market, sales are an inseparable part of the equation. Salespeople, in short, keep this world running.



“Thank God It's Monday is an inspirational book and a philosophy on life that is for everyone, not just the sales professional. With his personal stories of trials and triumph, it is easy to see why he has been the success he is. While some measure success in financial terms, the impact Larry has had on people's lives around the world is the true measure of success. Thank God It's Monday is that philosophy, which in its simplicity, is a recipe that can provide anyone with the same success as Larry. I am grateful to have been able to learn first-hand from Larry over the years, and now I'm glad everyone else can, too. ” 


“Thank God It's Monday is a great way to approach every week positively, so you can maximize the best of the week ahead. In direct sales, you have to deal with a lot of rejection and failure. Surviving a week, a month, or a year in direct sales isn't easy. To survive 60 plus years in sales, then, is a major achievement. This book is an opportunity to learn from one of the best—and it's priceless.

“Larry's latest book is a unique twist on loving life and business sooo much, he can't wait to start the week over again…and again! This level of passion has fueled him to build a sales organization that has been stack ranked in the TOP of his industry, for over 50 years! Imagine tapping into the wisdom and genius of one of the foremost direct sellers who ever lived. And imagine yourself duplicating that level of enthusiasm for decades and decades!’



Saladmaster, Inc.


Senior Vice President, Sales

Saladmaster, Inc.


Area VP, MD
Saladmaster, Inc.

“Larry has hit a home run with this book. It's an exciting journey in both the sales and spiritual realms.”


Senior Vice President 

Saladmaster, Inc.



Larry Dickman 50 years in sales

After a stint in the Navy, Larry Dickman began his direct sales career in the 1950s.  He became a Saladmaster Cookware dealer in 1965—and a part-time pastor. Married with three sons, Larry remains active in Saladmaster as a trainer and motivational speaker, and leads a Diamond Elite Dealership with an office in Washington.



Larry Dickman - 50 Years Successful as Saladmaster Master Dealer

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